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Competition Rules 2017

SA 1 Team Forfeit Procedure

ARU Medical Policy

SA 3 Player Clearance Procedure

Rugby Union South Australia Resources:

SA 5 Team Sheet procedure

ARU Concussion Guidance

SA 15 Finals Eligibility Policy

World Rugby Lightning Guidelines

Dispensation Consent Forms

SA 18 

Results Procedure

SA 28 Match Information Policy

SA 20 Reporting the Non-Appearance of a referee procedure

SA 21 Volunteer Criminal History Assessment Procedure

SA 23 Co-Joined Clubs Policy and Procedure

ARU Medical and Safety Recommendations

Australian Rugby Code of Conduct 2017

Disciplinary and Safety

Australian Rugby Serious Injury Protocol

SA 6 Citing Procedure

Over 35 Rules 2017

SA 7 Appeals Procedure

SA 13 Code of Conduct Violation

Age Dispensation Procedure Package

ARU Expectations of Behaviour Guidelines

SA 14 Social Media Policy

Australian Rugby Participation Policy

Australian Rugby Safety Policy

SA 17 Alcohol Policy

Junior Age Grade Guidelines Table

Mixed Gender Dispensation Procedure Package

SA 24 Sanctions and Suspensions in other Sports

SA 26 Junior Player of State Interest

Schedule A and Schedule B Dispensation Forms

Match Day

Senior Rugby Dispensation Procedure Package

SA 16 Send Off Policy

Safety and Medical

SA 4 Match Day Procedure

SA 8 Hot Weather

SA 9 Uncontested Policy

SA 10 Replacement Policy

SA 12 Game Abandonment Policy

Send off report

Understanding the culture and characteristics of successful clubs

Delivering Club Objectives Worksheet

President or Club Leader:

Strategic Planning Checklist

Risk Management Checklist

Attracting and retaining volunteers and players

Unleashing the power of goal setting

Member safety and protection

Critical Club Information Checklist

Culture Audit Worksheet

Secretary Position Description


Critical Club Information Checklist


Treasurer Position Description

Sponsorship Manager Position Description

Fundamentals of fundraising

Fundraising and Sponsorship Co-ordinator:

One Day Carnival Checklist

20 ways to raise funds

Maximising Your Fundraising Checklist

Creating successful grant applications

Attracting more sponsors to your club

How to create a 10K event

Creating a Successful and Profitable Fundraising Event Worksheet

Using Facebook at your club Parts 1

Advanced newsletter techniques

Communications, Marketing and Social Media Co-ordinator:

Fundamentals of digital communications

Marketing and Communications Checklist

Using Facebook at your club Parts 2

Unleashing the power of your club's website and newsletter

The email distribution list

Using Facebook, Twitter and Periscope at your club

Creating a basic email newsletter campaign

Digital tools - Part 1

Digital tools - Part 2

Analysing the results of your newsletter campaign

Making subscribing to your newsletter easy

Basic newsletter concepts

Marketing Your Club Through Traditional and Social Media Checklist

Setting up your Mailchimp account

Using Facebook at your club Parts 3

Social Co-ordinator:

Social Co-ordinator Position Description

Other important information...

First Aid Officer Position Description

Risk Management Checklist

Risk Management and Safety:

Member safety and protection

Safety Officer Position Description

Facility Manager Position Description

Database Manager


Vice President



Volunteer Co-ordinator

Sponsorship Manager

Apparel Co-ordinator

Media Manager

Position Descriptions:

Facility Manager

Safety Officer

First Aid Officer

Team Manager

Social Co-ordinator

Social Media Co-ordinator

General Committee Member

Seasonal Fixtures Checklist

Creating a Successful and Profitable Fundraising Event Worksheet

Checklists, Worksheets and Templates:

Tournament Checklist

Culture Audit Worksheet

Critical Club Information Checklist

Risk Management Checklist

Strategic Planning checklist

Maximising Your Fundraising Checklist

One Day Carnival Checklist

Marketing and Communications Checklist

Delivering Club Objectives Worksheet

Marketing Your Club Through Traditional and Social Media Checklist

Marketing Your Club Through Social Media Worksheet

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